Thursday, September 29, 2011

TAG: My Plus Size Fashion Style

Thanks so much Holika for tagging me. Will fill in more as I find free time.xoxo
Height: 5'1"
Clothing Size: 18/20
Shoe Size: 6 to 7
Body Shape: Hourglass
Favorite Clothing Item: My denim jacket
Favorite accessories: Bangles
Skirts or Pants: skirts
Do you wear jeans? If so, what cut do you prefer?:  Occasionally. I prefer boot cut or wide leg, but I've been known to rock skinny leg too!

Body Part I like to enhance: Legs
Body Part I try to hide: I don't know about hide, but I try to keep my chest from hanging out, and I try to minimize my tummy.
Colors I like to wear: black, blue, coral, brown
What fashion trend do you think you cannot rock for your body type?: Not sure. I'm usually willing to try most trends.
What fashion trend I think I can rock best?: I'm loving leopard right now. I'm excited to rock that.
Heels or not?: Yes, heels, definitely!
Do you wear swimsuits? If so, what's your fave style?: Yes. I prefer ones that have a skirt bottom because I like a little more coverage.
Fave lingerie style:  Just classic, comfortable pieces.
My personal style:  Feminine. I like trends. I like dresses. I am most likely to add a unique piece of jewelry or shoes to complete a look.
Fave Plus Size Icon: Adele
Fave Plus Size Model: don't have one
Is there a plus size icon that you think reflects more than others your personal style and/or body type?: I will have to think about this one.
Fave curvy Fashion blogger: Gosh, I love too many to name!
Fave plus size fashion youtuber?: I have love and respect for all of the ladies out there making videos!
I would like to mention PassionJonesz though because she was one of the first who really inspired me. I adore her style and personality.
Plus Size clothing brands you prefer? Forver 21+, Dots, LB, Target, Michael Kors
Fave Plus Size Designer: Michael Kors
Fave Regular Size Fashion Designer: Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors, Versace, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, and many more
Where do you shop for clothes most?: Dots, Target, Forever 21+
Places where you shop for shoes: Anywhere and everywhere with cute styles and good prices
Places where you usually shop for lingerie: Lane Bryant
Do you prefer to shop for clothes online or in shops?: In shops
When you choose clothes, what do you go for mostly, the looks or comfort?:  I like both. I want something that is both appealing to me looks wise, but still comfortable.
When choosing clothes, what do you go for mostly, quality or convenience?: Convenience. I can't always afford the highest quality.
What sort of relationship do you have with your body and fashion?:  Right now, a very loving relationship. Learning to love what I have more and more each day, and I love expressing myself through fashion. It makes me happy.