Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OOTD & Review: Black Boot Cut PajamaJeans

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you probably know that I'm not a jeans girl at all. I have always had the worst luck with jeans, and I have always found them to be so uncomfortable. Comfort is key with my own personal style. If I'm not comfortable in something, then I'm not going to wear it, so I've just pretty much said no to jeans for years now. However, I do love a good pair of leggings, jeggings, or a pair of pants that has a little stretch in the material.

With this in mind, naturally, I thought PajamaJeans would be a match made in heaven for me. Something that looks like jeans, but feels like, yes, please! I'll take one of each lol! I had seen this before, but I had never tried them until recently. I wasn't familiar with all of the great styles and colors they offer, or even the size range available. Their size range includes plus size jeans, and they are affordable! This made me so excited.

After looking through the different styles of the website, I decided to select the boot cut style PajamaJeans in black for review. The boot cut trend is back, and super popular right now. I have never liked how regular boot cut jeans look on me, so I was curious about how the boot cut PajamaJeans would look. I was hoping they would give me the look and feel that I had been looking for.  So...trying a new product in a cut that I don't normally wear...I thought, this could either be amazing or an absolute disaster lol.

When they arrived, I was so excited to see what they would be like. They were just as I pictured in my mind...they look like boot cut jeans,have the same sort of accents and pockets like regular jeans do, and they even have a faux zipper cover on the front, but they are made out of a super soft, comfy material. They even have a hidden drawstring on the inner side of the waistband, so this is not noticeable when wearing. They kind of remind me of jeggings, but made of a much better quality and design and a thicker material.

I worried they would be too long for me, since I'm only 5'1". I just added some of my favorite wedges for a few extra inches and these worked out perfectly. As far as the sizing, these are very true to size according to their size chart measurements.

The overall fit of these was so much better than any other boot cut jeans I have tried in the past. I feel like all the ones I have tried before always got the leg sizing off and just didn't look the way I wanted them too because they always seemed to wide. However, the PajamaJeans boot cut jeans gave just the look I was going for.  The design and cut looked great, and I love how the jeans tapered and flared just the right amount at the perfect spots. I love pants with stretch because a lot of times they really give that look of a more custom fit than pants with no stretch do. They are just able to fit like a glove.

As mentioned earlier, these have back pockets, and they also have that fab contrast stitching that really make them look like regular jeans. They have the look, but definitely not the uncomfortable feel of regular jeans, thank goodness. After wearing these all day long, I wasn't in a rush to run home and change into something else because these were perfectly comfortable for lounging too.

Overall, I was really impressed with these. They fit well with my style and the comfort level I am looking for when it comes to clothing. I will say, there was some stretching in the pants after wearing and sitting in them for hours, but that happens with regular jeans too, so I can't really call it a downside. They just lost shape a little bit, but after a wash, they were back to the exact shape they had before.  Also, with washing these, it is recommended to wash before wearing these the first time to prevent any color transfer that may occur, so keep that in mind.
Now onto the outfit details: 
Floral kimono top: Deb
Black boot cuts: c/o PajamaJeans
Tank: H&M
Necklace: Target
Bag: H&M
Hat: Target
Shoes: Candie's

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