Monday, May 2, 2011

April Favorites

Here are my fave  beauty products from the month of April!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cafe Au Lait:
Why I love it:  It is the perfect nude nail polish for my skin tone.  Also, it lasted for nearly two weeks on my nails with the Orly top coat.  That's completely unheard of for my nails! Normally nail polish chips after a day or two.  I love this light nude color! It's beautiful, and subtle! I have been wearing it on my toes too because I like polish on my toes, but I usually like to keep it light and neutral.  This one works great!

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous:
Why I like it:  It works perfectly on those days when I just need to quickly put a little something on my face. If I'm in a hurry, or just don't want to fuss with putting on a full face, this works great! It's a light and creamy formula that blends in with my skin perfectly! It feels so light, and I don't ever even feel it after I apply it.  It glides on my face easily, and it doesn't cake up! Very nice!

Below is a photo of the Some Kind-a Gorgeous creamy formula. 

LUSH Skin Drink Facial Moisturizer:
Why I love it:  I have such dry skin, and most moisturizers can't do enough to take the dryness away.  Skin Drink works well on my skin, and definitely moisturizes it back to a healthy look.  My skin definitely drinks it right up! It's a very natural formula (and vegan), and it's not greasy.  This just works so well for my extra dry skin!

Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder:
Why I love it:  This is a great daily face powder.  I'm kind of picky when it comes to face powders.  I have liked everything else I have tried from the ColorStay collection, so I decided to give this one a try.  It works well, goes on easily, doesn't cake up on my skin, and stays in place! Also, I found a color that matches with my skin perfectly.  Sometimes stuff tends too be overly light or too dark, but this one seems to match really well! Its a really great powder, and I would definitely repurchase it!

Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender Mascara:
Why I love it:  From the moment I put it on, I immediately noticed how great it curled my lashes. I wasn't sure of how well this product would work, but I wanted to try it out, and I'm glad I did! It works really nicely.  I noticed that it does add some nice length and curl. I didn't notice any clumping.  My lashes looked very natural with this mascara on, so that is definitely a plus!

Hard Candy Undercover Agent: Undereye Brightener and Concealer Duo:
Why I love it: I love that this is affordable, at only $6.  Also, I like how it is packaged as a duo! I like both products a lot.  I think the conceal provides a really nice amount of coverage to my zits and flaws on my face.  I wish there was more of the product in the stick, but for $6, it's still good! The eye brightener is very subtle, but I like it.  It feels like a moisturizing lotion, unlike other brighteners I have tried, so it easily glides across my undereye area. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy:
Why I like it: I like this lipstick because the formula isn't sticky or glossy.  It's very natural looking on my lips.  It's not sparkly or shiny, and I like that about it.  It just looks very natural.  I like the color of it; it's very soft.  It stays on my lips well. It works well with my skin tone, and I find myself reaching for it daily because I really like it! 

Yes To Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes:
Why I like it:  Well, one huge reason I love this is because it doesn't break my face out!!! My face is really sensitive and seems to have negative reactions to a lot of facial wipes and makeup removers.  I think since this one is more natural, it helps make my face happy! I love the smell of these wipes.  They smell similar to other cucumber wipes I have used.  They remove my makeup easily.  These wipes are also really moist, which I like.  I really hate getting wipes that seem dry or dry out easily.  I haven't had that problem with these! Yay!

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  1. Great favs:-) I will have to try those wipes b/c the ones that get from Walmart are not working for me anymore.