Thursday, October 27, 2011

How To/Where To Shop For Wide Calf Boots

 How to shop for wide calf boots:
  • Measure the widest part of the calf. (Measure both legs to help get an accurate size.)
  • Also, note whether or not you have wide width feet too. 
  • When shopping, always be aware of the different between wide width and wide calf. Wide width refers to the foot, and wide calf refers to the leg.
  • When checking websites ALWAYS look for size measurement descriptions or size charts to help determine if the boot will fit you.
  • Before going to the store, check online to see what wide calf boots they have available, and what sizes they fit. This can save some frustration if you know ahead of time what will fit and what won't.
 OR Try these ideas:
  • Some sites sell extra wide and super wide calf boots.
  • If you still have no luck, you may want to try getting a custom made pair of boots to fit you perfectly. These may be pricier, but they are sure to fit like glove.
  • A more affordable option for custom made boots may be purchasing a pair of boots that you like and having extra panels or elastic/stretchy panels sewn into the boot so that it will fit
Where to find wide calf boots:
Forever 21+
Lane Bryant
Jessica London
Yours Clothing
Pronto Style
DSW (Thanks for the reminder, riversiderhl!)

Extra Wide and/or Super Wide Boots:
Wide Calfs Boots City
Zappos/Fitzwell Syrup
Zappos Extra Wide Boots 

Custom Made Boots:
DUO Boots
Motorcycle Cowboy


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