Friday, January 4, 2013

Plus Size OOTD: Black and White

Tuxedo Jacket:  JC Penney
Tank: JC Penney
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Rock & Republic
Clutch: Target
Bracelets: Dots

Love these shoes! I was browsing around online one day and spotted these pumps. It was love at first sight, of course. I was lucky enough to get these on sale for $34.99. They were originally $74.99. I love all of the embellishments, and I love that these don't have a platform!

I love this outfit because it is basically just a tank top and jeans, but dressed up a little with the jacket and heels. It's still very comfy though! Comfort is really important to me when picking an outfit, and I try to find ways to show my style without losing comfort.

This clutch is from the new black and white collection at Target. They have so many gorgeous clutches and bags right now. I love them all, but I decided to take this one home with me!

See more of this outfit in the outfit of the day video below!


  1. I love the outfit... I have the same jacket and wore it on new years eve. Feel free to check out my blog and post =]

  2. I love the jacket and have tried to look for it at JCP but with no luck :/ Cute outfit!

  3. I like this OOTD, very much! Please don't take this as a criticism - just an observation, ok??? I was quite - startled! - when you showed this on YouTube because it is the first OOTD I can EVER recall where you showed clevage - not that it was inappropriate (especially as it was for a holiday!) or overdone! Not at all! I was just like -wow, ok, Leslie is DEFINITELY the person I want to listen to about the whole *top situation* - in other words: I never even realized before we were similar-sized; therefore, you're the stylist for me :) (I knew that, but now - I REALLY KNOW THAT!!! :) )