Friday, January 11, 2013

Pretty Glasses Make Me Happy!

I wanted to wear eyeglasses even before I ever needed them. I just loved the look of them, and I would always look for stylish eyeglasses at every accessories store I visited. A few years down the road when I was actually having vision problems, my mom just thought I was trying to get more cute glasses to accessorize my outfits with. Yes, that's how much I adore the look of glasses.

A teacher suggested to my mom that I have an eye examination, so then she definitely knew it was more than just my love of glasses. I loved picking out new glasses frames. That has always been one of my favorite parts of wearing glasses. Of course, I love being able to see everything clearly, but I also love being fashionable. I would take my time and try on as many pairs as possible trying to find the perfect look for me. Then I would try my favorites on again. I definitely appreciate the patience of anyone who had to endure the long process with me. (Sorry Mom!)

Fast forward to today- I can relax on my couch with my laptop and try on as many pairs of glasses that I want to thanks to the amazing Virtual Mirror feature on my favorite online eyeglasses site, Check out some of my favorite styles I tried on tonight.

I had so much fun trying all of the different frames on. I've never tried contacts, and I think it's because of how much I love the different glasses designs, colors and how they can match my personality or change my look completely. They just totally fit with me.

If you are looking for new glasses, or ever wondered what a certain style would look like on you, then get cozy on the couch, grab you laptop and do what I do...lose track of time falling in love with all of the new frames you can try on using the Virtual Mirror feature on

Check it out here:

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This post is sponsored. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I really do love glasses!  

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