Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love Cosmetic Bags and Their Many Uses!!!

My mom gave me this super cute trio of cosmetic bags from NY&Co.  I wanted to show you guys, and I decided to also show some of the many ways I use my cosmetic bags! I use them for many things other than makeup.  They are very handy when traveling.  I used to get so tired of having a cluttered travel bag that I couldn't find anything in.  I would have to search through all of the stuff in the bottom of the bag just to find one little thing, and that took too much time! Now, I use cosmetic bags to organize things before putting them in my travel bag.  This way I always know where things are, my bag isn't cluttered with all of my things, and I can easily just grab for something without searching for an hour! 

So, here are some of my favorite uses for cosmetic bags:

Skin care bag- I keep my all of my face creams and lotions together in one bag.  It's so easy to just reach over and grab the bag instead of grabbing four or five products and trying to juggle them in my hands at once!

Finger nail polish/manicure bag:  Sometimes I use a larger bag so that I can keep base coats, top coats, polishes, polish remover pads and manicure tools in one convenient location.

Hair Tools Bag-  I keep hair tools that I frequently use in my hair bag.  Above is my dry shampoo, tangle teezer brush, and a hair clip.  Of course, you can use a bigger bag and add some shampoo, conditioner, gel, sprays, and whatever else fits your own needs.

The Healthy Bag-  I keep bandages, wisp on the go tooth brushes, tylenol, a thermometer, and sometimes seasonal things that may come in handy.  Another idea, is to create a first aid bag, and that will be especially useful when traveling.

Miscellaneous Bag-  These are just items that are specific to my own needs, but things I don't need all the time.  I have peanut butter (it always instantly cures my hiccups!), nivea hand cream, and eye glass cleaner, wipes, and towelettes.  

Jewelry Bag-  I can store my jewelry and keep up with it by using a cosmetic bag to store my things in when traveling!

Make-up Bag-  The obvious use for the cosmetic bag.  I use this smaller bag when traveling.  If it doesn't fit in the bag-then it stays at home!  I only take what I need to get by.  

Other Uses:
-Cell phone/iPod accessories bag
-Stationary/Cards Bag
-Weather Related Bag- Travel Umbrella, Gloves, etc.
-Some bags can even double as an evening clutch for a night out!



  1. Cute!!!...I've been looking for a cosmetic bag but I just can't find one I LOVE.

  2. Brilliant Ideas. We have some gorgeous cosmetic bags at The Wash Bag Store.