Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Navy Haul


Old Navy has been amazing lately! I am loving all of the deals in there!!! I bought all of the items below for a total of $35.57!



I love all of the cute little long sleeve waffle knit tees! My fave are the ones with the hearts on it, so I had to pick one up.  This one is a light gray with bright pink hearts all over it! Original price, $16.50.  I paid $7.35.

I picked up a red camisole with lace trim.  Original price was $12.50, and I only paid $7.35.


I found a navy and white striped cardigan that will look great with the cami underneath! The cardigan was originally priced at $39.50, and I got it for $8.39.

I may even wear my cute new purse with it!

I bought this little brown skirt for $0.68.    Yes, it was only 68 cents!!! I don't know what the original price was.

I bought this light blue henley top with a side pocket.  The original price was $14.50, and I bought it for $5.95.

I found this scarf that looks great with the henley.  The scarf was only $3.84.  Original price was $12.50.
Upclose photo of the scarf and it's beautiful floral print!

All items are shown on a plus size dress form.


  1. hey there...are these sold in all old navy stores? i noticed that u can only get plus size online :(

  2. Hi Lesley I love it all. Amanda xx

  3. Yes, all items are from the Old Navy store in my neighborhood.

  4. LOVE the shirt with the hearts!...I only wish the ON here would carry the plus sizes!