Sunday, November 6, 2011

Plus-size blazers: Shop the hottest styles this fall

SONOMA life + style velour blazer (Kohl's)

Blazers are a classic piece that everyone should have at least one of in their wardrobe. A great blazer can really enhance the look of an outfit, and they work really well with so many different looks.

Blazers can paired with everything from a dress to a tshirt and jeans to leggings and a dressy tank. Leave it open to add some structure and lines to your look, or button it up to enhance your curves. The combinations are endless, and the style of a blazer always looks chic.

As with past seasons, blazers seem to be really popular this fall. More and more retailers are beginning to carry larger selections of blazers too. If you are in the market for a stylish plus size blazer this season, then check out some of these Louisville area retailers.

Click the retailer's name to see the current selection of blazers and jackets in stock:

Also, check out these retailers to shop for blazers online:
As you can see, there are tons of plus size retailers to choose from with a variety of different styles and prices ranges. You can also check out local thrift stores and websites like ebay and amazon. Happy shopping!

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