Thursday, January 20, 2011

Say It In Style!

I like to express my style and personality in all that I do.  Fashion is one way of showing my style, but I have found another way that I love to use to show my style.  I love beautiful cards, post cards, notebooks, and stationary.  Often, I find really beautiful and inexpensive card sets at Marshall's! All of the sets below were purchased at Marshall's in the past few months. 

I love bright colors and fun patterns! This set of cards (above)  was purchased from Marshall's for $4!!!  It includes 18 cards in three different styles and envelopes. 

I fell in love with this card set when I found it! This set includes 16 cards, with matching envelopes for $3.99.  I love cupcakes, so of course, I was drawn to these cards! The envelopes are a beautiful lime green with a pink interior.

I found this Barbie notebook at Marshall's for $5.99.  Barbie is a classic, stylish woman for sure! I use notebooks to write down ideas, requests, wish lists, and whatever thoughts I have in my mind at the time.  I love that this notebook has the elastic closure that wraps around to keep all of the pages straight!

I bought this set of cards at Marshall's a while back.  It's one of my faves with the pink and white striped pattern and matching pink envelopes.  I also love the images on the cards with cakes, cupcakes, high heels and pearls! That definitely fits my personality and style.  I don't remember the price of these, but I am sure they were similar to the prices of the other card sets. 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the barnie notebook and set of card with the cupcakes and heels. My Marshalls NEVER has anything that cute!